Eastside is proud to say that our concrete is made to meet your standards. Our concrete is mixed with 100% cement, we do not use any fillers in our cement under any circumstance. You can be confident in our concrete that you may drive, walk, or build on.

"Are You Building On A Solid Foundation?"

We have a variety of types and styles of concrete as well as different strengths. Give us a call and we will be glad to break down the different types and strengths.

We also sell concrete supplies, tools, and care products

We also rent concrete tools and supplies

For any tools or supplies and rental fees please call Tammy @ (270)-247-8941

To calculate your measurements for how much concrete you will need here is the diagram to use.

LxW=?  ?/by depth
 Example 10'x10'=100
 If 4" deep then divide 100 by 80 and the total is 1.25 yards.

If you need us to total up your dimensions for concrete just give us a call and we will be glad to do so.


Cure & Seals take the properties of both curing compounds and membrane forming sealers and combines them to yield the best performance properties of both. Where normal curing resins last only weeks before they wear off, some Cure & Seals will last up to to 5 years, depending on which product is applied. When applied correctly, Cure & Seals form a hard, shiny and durable surface that resists all waterborne contaminants and protects the concrete through its infancy and early life.


Concrete curing is the satisfactory maintenance of adequate moisture around and in newly placed concrete.  Curing compound, applied immediately following placement, allows concrete to develop the necessary desired strength and durability.  Concrete exposed to the elements is especially sensitive to improper curing because the strength development can be significantly reduced from excessive surface evaporation and exposure to freezing.


Concrete sealers are used on concrete to close up the pores in the concrete surface so it will resist water, de-icing salts, and other aggressive chemicals.  Sealers are often used to prevent soiling, resist staining, facilitate the ease of cleaning, brighten concrete colors and exposed aggregates, and produce a water resistant surface. Sealers may also be used to dustproof concrete surfaces.  Superior quality sealers usually consist of pure forms of acrylic resin that are non-styrenated and non-yellowing. Quality concrete sealers will last three to five years and require minimal maintenance.